How to Set up an IMAP Email Account on iPhone

So in this tutorial, we assumed you have used cPanel to set up an email for your website, and are now looking to connect that email address to your iPhone in order to send and receive messages on your phone. It can be a daunting task for the unfamiliar so today we’ll look into how to set up your phone to handle your email.

Simply follow these 19 easy steps and you’ll have your email account on iPhone in no time. Please leave any questions in the comments section.

1. Tap Settings on iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap “Mail“.

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3. Tap “Accounts” at top of “Mail” menu. Here you’ll see any current mail servers that are added (if any).


4. Tap “Add Account” from “Accounts” menu.

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5. From the “Add Account” menu, you will see a number of options. The one you want to select is “Other” from the very bottom.

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6. Select “Add Mail Account“, then fill out Name, Email (that you want to connect), Password (the same you use for that email account), and Description (What you want the mailbox to display as it’s name, e.x. My Work Email, My Personal Email, etc.).

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7. Select “Next” from top right of the “Add Mail Account” screen.

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8. Ensure IMAP is selected at the top of the screen.

9. Now you’ll need to find your “Host Name” and “Username” under Incoming Mail Server section and “Host Name” under the Outgoing Mail Server section section on your iPhone.

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Now how to find your cPanel email account information…


10. Go to your website’s cPanel section and find the “Email” section.

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11. Select “Email Accounts“.

12. Scroll down to “Email Accounts” that will be listed, and find the email address you want to set up on your iPhone. Once you find that click “Set Up Mail Client“.

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13. This next screen (below) will give you all the information you need to plug into Mail Server settings in your phone.

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14. #1 is host name and # 2 is User name under the “Incoming Mail Server“. #3 is Host Name for “Outgoing Mail Server“. IMPORTANT: even though the User Name and Password for the Outgoing Mail Server says “Optional” on your iPhone DO NOT ignore it. It’s the same as your incoming but if you don’t fill it out, you will not be able to send mail from your phone.

15. After you have entered in your cPanel information into both sections of your iPhone. Select Next at top left of your screen and your iPhone will verify the account.

16. After verification has gone through, you’ll see a screen that reads IMAP at the top. Ensure that the mail is clicked. Notes is option. Click save in the top right of the screen

17. This will take you back to your accounts screen where the new mail account will show up.

18. Your new email account on iPhone is set up! You can now view your emails on your mail application, as well as, send and receive.

19. Send an email to yourself from another device to ensure you are receiving email on that account.


As a software development and web development company, Assimilation Software can appreciate that sometimes things that should be simple are not. We strive to find big problems and fix them, but no problem is too small. If you have a question feel free to contact us or write it into the comments section. 

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